I write and therefore you could say I am a writer.
I teach yoga and therefore you could say I am a teacher.

My life is currently on the road. With no goal in mind or too many at once. Six boxes with my past life have been left in a cellar in Prague, the Czech Republic, a city where I have spent the biggest chunk of my adulthood. Instead of having one home, I have created several in various countries. Chances are that right now I am getting lost on a magical secluded island in Thailand, soaking up the sun in Bali or enjoying the simplicity of life in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

I write and teach to feel. Because that's where it all starts.


My work has been shared in various Czech magazines, such as: InStyle, Jóga Does, Marianne, Kondice, Loving or Zena.cz.

As a yoga teacher, I am greatly influenced by Meghan Currie's intelligent flows, Ido Portal's movement practices, hand balancing and my own never ending body-mind exploration.